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Welcome to AupairDenmark     -     We are one of the biggest networks in Scandinavia     -      We have already made contact for more than 3000 aupairs in Denmark     -      You can apply as aupair, and with a small fee families are able to contact precisely you.
Au-pair Denmark

Aupair Denmark bureau that communicate aupairs from all over the world to Danish homes


Do you wish to go abroad to work as an au pair? Or are you a new hostfamily who wish to host an au pair? Aupairdenmark is the right place. It is register free of charge on our website for au pairs. We do not take money from au pairs to get them a family. But if you want to have a special profile on our homepage with youtube and so on it cost 6 euros. It is online system where familys from hole world can contact you online.

-We guide Danish families to find the right suitable au-pair.

- We help you to get a nice Danish or Swedesh family without paying any fee!

-We help the au-pair and family with the formalities and paper work.

-We help the au-pair and family on conflict situations.

-We help an au-pair to get to a safe home with reasonable work terms.


You can see your self when you are online on http://www.aupairagency.dk/index.php?do=page&id=87682

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Au-pair Denmark

This Website contains information for people who want´s to become an au-pair in Denmark.

APPLY: Fill out the form on the page to apply to become an au-pair in Denmark.

RULES: Learn about the Danish Government rules that apply to au-pairs coming from foreign countries. Did You know You have to be between 18-29 years of age?

ECONOMY: Learn about the sallery and the fees for au-pairs. It is free to apply.

CONTACT: Contact information if You should need to contact AupairDenmark.com


ABOUT DENMARK: The basic info about Denmark, nice pictures from Denmark and some links so You can find out more about Denmark.

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