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It is important to note that these are the Danish Government rules to be granted a residence permit if You live outside Europe. 
Au-pair rules in Denmark
About  Aupair in Denmark

Aupair denmark is The Scandinavians biggest aupair agency. We help au pairs on internet and in our office in Denmark -Copenhagen and 

in Malmø - Sweden. 

We offer the widest range and largest number og au pairs and familys in Scandinavia on internet. We help au pairs to find a job as au pair.

In short terms, these are the rules for au-pairs in Denmark:

Sallery: min. 4.050 DKK (apx. 550 €) per month.

Working hours: 18-30 hours weekly on 5-6 days.One weekly day off.

The Au-pair must be between 18 and 29 Years of age (at the time of applying).

The host family pays for the transportation back to your country.

The Au-pair can help the family with childcare, cooking, laundry washing etc.

The host family privide a room and food for the au-pair.

About conditions as au pair in Denmark for au pair

  • Normally, you must be between the ages of 18 and 29 (both years included) at the time of application

  • Normally, you may not be married, have been married in the past, or currently be living with a partner

  • Normally, you may not have any children

  • Your au pair stay must have a natural connection to your life so far, including your educational background and employment history. You must have completed the equivalent of nine years of schooling. In special cases, and if you come from a country where the general school programme is normally completed after eight years, having completed eight years of schooling may be sufficient. Based on an individual evaluation of your case, the Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment may decide that an au pair stay would not have a natural connection to your life so far, if you have completed further education and have worked for several years

  • You must have a working knowledge of either Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German

  • Normally, you may not previously have had two or more au pair stays in other Western countries

  • Normally, you may not previously have held a Danish residence permit

  • Normally, you may not previously have stayed in Denmark as an au pair with different host families for more than one year

  • As a general rule, you may not have the same nationality as one or more members of the host family

  • As a general rule, you may not be related to one or more members of the host family

    Taken from( nyidenmark.com)Aupairdenmark recomens that you check your homepage

Contract and Residence permit

You may be granted a residence permit for a maximum of 24 months, b

Extention of contract

If you have been granted a residence permit as an au pair for less than 24 months, and you apply for an extension, you may continue as an au pair while your application is being processed, provided that you are with the same host family and that the conditions for your stay remain unchanged. If you wish to begin with a new family, you may not do so before you have been granted a new residence permit. However, you are allowed to move in with the new family and live there as their guest but until the contract is approved or denyed.

Board and lodging at host family in Denmark as au pair

Your host family must give you board and lodging. 

Working hours at the host family as au pair

You must work no more than 30 hours a week and 5 hours a day and you must have one weekly day off. Aupairdenmark recomends to make agreements with familys about working days and to be flexible.

Flight ticket to Denmark and back

Your host family must pay your trip home, the way to Denmark aupairagency recomends that au pair pays it by her self. 

Yellow health Card

Your host family has to inform the National Register that you are staying in their residence. When this is done you will receive a health card.

Taxes in Denmark

Before you leave Denmark you have to pay taxes.

Pocket money transfering

 Ask your host family to transfer your allowance into your bank account – then both parties have documentation.


You must have a valid passport in order to be granted a residence permit. A residence permit can only be given for a period of up to three months before your passport expires.

Extending your residence permit as au pair

The application for extension must be submitted no later than one month before (and no sooner than two months before) the residence permit expires. 

How to apply as au pair in denmark 

In order to be granted a residence permit in Denmark, you must complete an application form for au pairs from the Immigration Service.

Frequently asked questions see more here #mce_temp_url# or contact  Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment

To read more about the Danish Government rules follow this external link.


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